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HDI Seguros

Olá, sou a Sofia, atendente virtual da HDI. Por favor me conte no que posso te ajudar.

HDI Social

The HDI Group believes in the importance of business to social development

HDI wants to contribute to make the world a better place, and we know that our responsibility goes beyond the offering of products and services that guarantee safety and tranquility to our clients.

With this in mind, we strive to participate in several social actions, sponsoring and helping institutions that are aligned with our world vision.

Learn more about some of them:
  • GRAACC / McDia Feliz

    HDI Seguros contributes annually distributing Mc Dia Feliz (“McHappy Day”) tickets to its employees. This is a national campaign, promoted by McDonald’s, who benefits institutions responsible for the treatment of children with cancer. In São Paulo, the recipient institution is GRAAC - Grupo de Apoio ao Adolescente e à Criança com Câncer (“Support Group for Children and Adolescents with Cancer”).

  • Campanha do Agasalho - Pirapora do Bom Jesus/SP

    Since 2007, HDI Seguros, along with the Secretaria de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Promoção Social de Pirapora do Bom Jesus (“Secretariat for Economic Development and Social Promotion of Pirapora do Bom Jesus”), supports the Campanha do Agasalho (“Winter Clothing Campaign”), periodically donating 500 blankets to the deprived communities of that region.