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Privacy policy

Data Protection Privacy Policy

Please, read it carefully: This document has been prepared aiming at informing  users of HDI Seguros services and consumers how their information classified as personal will be collected, used, and protected.

For HDI Seguros it is a priority to ensure the privacy and security of information of its users. Therefore, this document aims to provide its users with due transparency about how their data are used by HDI Seguros.  

In order to facilitate the reading and understanding of the provisions shown in this document, we present below treated topics, item by item:  


  • Who will handle your data?

    CNPJ: 29.980.158/0001-57
    SÃO PAULO – BRASIL - CEP 04794-000.

  • Which data do we use?

    HDI Seguros respects your privacy. Any information you provide us will be treated with the highest level of care and safety, and it is used only in accordance with the limits set forth herein.

    In the registration process of the website, to gain access to the “Online Quotation” page, we collect your CPF number, zip code, license plate, email, telephone and other necessary information so that you can make a quotation for hiring an insurance policy. This information is necessary to identify you and make possible to present our services.  

    HDI Seguros may collect actively information entered by you, “User,” at the time of contact or register and also information collected automatically by using our services, for example, linked data to your connection, such as IP address, date, time, device used, consumption data, and usage habits, among other information.

    Thus, there is the treatment of two types of personal data: (a) those provided by the user; and (b) those automatically collected by HDI Seguros.  

         (a) Personal data provided by the user: HDI Seguros collects all personal data entered or actively routed by the user when registering on our web portal. They are the following: CPF [Individual Tax ID no.], zip code, license plate, email address, phone, first name, and last name.  

    Regardless of what personal data the user actively provides, we will make use only of those actually relevant and necessary to achieve the stated purposes; and  

         (b) Data collected automatically: HDI Seguros also collects a lot of information automatically, such as device features of access, browser, IP (with date and time), IP source, information on clicks, pages accessed, search terms entered in our web portals, reading time per section, among others. For this collection, we use some standard technologies, such as cookies, pixel tags, beacons and local shared objects, which are used to improve your browsing experience in our services, according to your habits and preferences.  

    HDI Seguros, as a rule, seeks to minimize the treatment of sensitive  personal data defined by the General Brazilian Act on Protection of Personal Data (LGPD), understood as those related to: the racial or ethnic origin,  religious conviction, political opinion, union membership or organization of a religious, philosophical or political nature, data relating to health or sexual life, genetic or biometric data, as well as data on children, thus considering individuals up to 12 years old. It is certain that, in the situation where the treatment of this information is necessary, we will request the specific and outstanding consent of the user or the parents and guardians of the user, and/or we will carry out the treatment of this information based on the other authorizing events brought by LGPD.  

  • How do we use the data?

    HDI Seguros uses all information collected via registration form, entered by the user or automatically for the following purposes: (i) To meet the purpose for which you provided the information; (ii) To broaden our marketing offers and advertise products and services that may be of your interest; (iii) To personalize and constantly improve our products and services; and (iv) To prevent fraud and minimize financial losses, among other cases that can escape conventional.  

    The Users’ information may be used for other services provided directly by HDI Seguros, respecting the purposes exposed to User and authorization previously granted when there is a legal requirement to collect this.

    HDI Seguros, in some cases, can also treat personal information when necessary to comply with legal or regulatory demands or regular exercise of rights in judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings.

    Additionally, HDI Seguros may also process personal data based on its legitimate interest, always at the limit of your expectations, and never to the detriment of your interests, rights, and fundamental freedoms.  

    Furthermore, the information collected may, upon prior authorization of your collection, be used for advertising purposes, such as for sending communications, news that is of your interest.

    If you feel uncomfortable and no longer wish to receive any advertising information from HDI Seguros, you can, at any time, contact us using the form available at en/contact-us/contact-us, expressing you opposition.   

  • What are and how do we use the cookies technology?

    Cookies are files or information that can be stored on your device when you visit the website or use the online services of HDI Seguros. Generally, cookies contain the website name that originated, its lifetime and a value that is randomly generated.

    A HDI Seguros uses cookies to facilitate the use and to better adapt your website and applications to the interests and needs of its Users, as well as to assist and improve their structures and their contents. Cookies can also be used to accelerate its activities and future experiences in our services. HDI Seguros uses different kinds of cookies on your Web Portal. For better understanding of the types of cookies and their utilities, we list them below:  

    Types of cookies and what they do:

    Necessary: Cookies are essential so that the websites of HDI Seguros can properly load and allow you to browse correctly, and make use of all the features available.
    Performance: Cookies help us to understand how visitors interact with the webpages of HDI Seguros. This provides information about the areas visited, time of visit to the website and any problems encountered, such as error messages.
    Functional: Cookies allow the pages of HDI Seguros to remember your choices to provide a personalized experience.  They also make it possible for Users to watch videos and use social media tools, fields for comments, among others.
    Marketing: Cookies are used to provide more relevant content and the interests of Users. They can be used to display advertising with a higher direction or limit the number which it is advertised, on the webpages of HDI Seguros. They also allow the measurement of the effectiveness of an advertising campaign launched.

  • Who will we share the data with?

    HDI Seguros is committed to introducing new solutions that increase the value of their products and services to provide its User with special marketing opportunities, such as incentives and deals.

    For this purpose, your information may be shared with some of our partner companies in Brazil and abroad, as well as brick-and-mortar facilities of HDI Seguros.

    For the operation of its services, HDI Seguros uses partnerships with several companies located Brazil, and abroad. Below are some assumptions that the sharing of your information may occur:

    i. With partner companies and suppliers in the development and provision of services oriented to the User, as companies highlighted above;  

    ii. With authorities, government agencies or other third parties, to protect the interests of HDI Seguros, in any kind of conflict, including lawsuits and administrative proceedings;

    iii. For transactions and corporate changes involving HDI Seguros, in which case the transfers of information are required for the continuity of services; or,  

    iv. By a court order or by request of administrative authorities holding legal authority for their request.  

    Additionally, it is possible that some of the above transfers occur outside Brazil.

    Currently, HDI Seguros has personal data stored or being processed in 7 countries, namely: United States, Chile, Hong Kong, Ireland, the Netherlands, Singapore and Germany, at which HDI Seguros is committed to doing so only to countries that provide a degree of protection to your personal data, considered adequate to the applicable laws; or by using guarantees and safeguards as specific provisions, standard clauses, global corporate standards, among others; as well as with the prior collection of your specific consent or the respect of other cases authorized by law.

  • How do we keep your personal data safe?

    Any information the User provides will be collected and stored according to the strictest safety standards.  

    For this purpose, it adopts several precautions, in compliance with the guidelines on safety standards established in the applicable laws and regulations, such as:

    i. HDI Seguros uses the latest methods and equipment available on the market to encrypt and anonymize your personal data when required. Encryption allows us to protect your data before being transmitted over the Internet. Advanced encryption techniques make this information unreadable and prevent other people from viewing it before it reaches our server;  

    ii. HDI Seguros has protection against unauthorized access to their systems;  

    iii. HDI Seguros only allows access to specific people to the place where your personal information is stored, provided that such access is essential to the development of the proposed activity;

    iv. HDI Seguros ensures that those agents, internal employees or external partners doing the processing of personal data should be committed to maintaining absolute confidentiality of accessed information, and using best practices for handling such information as determined in the external policies and procedures;  

    v. HDI Seguros backs up the data regularly on the website. The website activity is verified consistently to protect the information you provide. Sophisticated protection systems are used and activity on our website is monitored.  

    Besides the technical efforts, HDI Seguros also adopts institutional measures aimed at protecting personal data, so that it keeps governance program in privacy applied to their activities and governance structure, constantly updated.  

    Access to the information collected is restricted to employees, and authorized persons. Those who improperly use this information in violation of this Privacy and Information Security Policy, will be subject to administrative, disciplinary, and appropriate legal sanctions.

    Although HDI Seguros uses the best efforts to maintain its privacy and protect your personal data, no transmission of information is completely safe, so that HDI Seguros cannot fully ensure that all the information its receives and/or sends is target of unauthorized access are carried out by means of methods developed for information improperly, such as technical failures, viruses or intrusions of the website database.

    In any case, in the remote event of incidents of this nature, HDI Seguros guarantees the full effort to remedy the consequences of the event.  

    HDI Seguros is not held liable for any other website that can be accessed from ours and there is no link between such addresses.

  • Retention of the information collected

    To protect the privacy of its users, the personal data processed by HDI Seguros will be deleted when no longer useful for the purposes for which it was collected, or when the users request their removal, unless the maintenance of the data is expressly authorized by applicable law or regulation.

    User information may be retained for compliance with legal or regulatory, transfer to a third party - provided they comply with the data processing requirements - and exclusive use of HDI Seguros, including the exercise of their rights in judicial or administrative proceedings.

  • The User’s Rights

    In compliance with applicable regulations, with regard to the processing of personal data, HDI Seguros respects and guarantees the User the opportunity to submit requests based on the following rights:

    i. Confirmation of the existence of treatment;

    ii. Access to the data;

    iii. Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;  

    iv. Anonymization, blockage or deletion of data that is unnecessary, excessive or processed in breach with the provisions of the law;  

    v. Data portability to another service provider or product, upon request expressed by the User;  

    vi. Elimination of data processed with the User's consent;  

    vii. Getting information about public or private entities with which HDI Seguros shared its data;  

    viii. Information on the possibility that the User does not provide consent, and is informed about the consequences in case of a negative answer;  

    ix. Revocation of the previously granted consent to data processing.  

    The above rights may be exercised directly by the User, from the request sent to our Data Protection Officer, for further evaluation and taking of the necessary measures. The channel for receiving requests of this nature will be available through the email address:

    Any request to delete essential information for the management of your registration with HDI Seguros will result in the termination of your contractual relationship, with the consequent cancellation of the services provided herein.

  • Applicable Law and Courts

    This Policy will be interpreted in accordance with Brazilian law, in the Portuguese language, especially LGPD (General Brazilian Act on Protection of Personal Data No. 13.709/18).

  • Changes in our Privacy Policy

    HDI Seguros reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, alter, add or remove portions of this policy at any time. We recommend that you check the policy each time you browse the website of HDI Seguros. 
    Data Protection Officer (DPO): Guilherme Henrique Brinkmann
    This Privacy Policy was last changed and posted on our websites on October 21st, 2021.

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A HDI Seguros observa e atende os direitos de titulares previstos na Lei nº 13.709:2018 – Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD).