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Support and sponsorship by HDI

From this philosophy, we have actively invested in different forms of culture and innovation, through actions that aim to integrate different social strata and, above all, promote the cultural enrichment of our country.

Learn more about the main campaigns that counted with HDI Insurance’s involvement and sponsorship.

  • Descida das escadas de Santos

    Inspired in international competitions, the Descida das Escadas de Santos (“Descent of Santos’ Stairs”) is considered one of the main stages of the world cycling circuit. The trial was first promoted in Brasil in 2003, in the city of Santos, and gathers cyclers from all over the world. HDI is a sponsor since its seventh installment, in 2010.

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  • The Hyundai HB20 Cup

    The Hyundai HB20 Cup is the newest category of Brazilian motor racing. The competition has an accessible profile thanks to the high strength index of the HB20’s mechanical and structural assembly. HDI is the sponsor of the competition, which had 8 races in its first season, held in 2019.

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  • AMAR Project (Maternity and Love)

    The AMAR Project (Maternity and Love) was created by actress, model and anchorwoman Mariana Kupfer to discuss maternity and love between parents and children. This initiative has a YouTubechannel, which is dedicated to address, weekly, a different theme of this universe, always with a special guest. HDI Seguros is a supporter of the project, which has over 145,000 followers on the social networks.

  • Zoox Smart Data

    Zoox Smart Data is a high-tech company pioneering the application of integrated Wi-Fi, big data, machine learning and relationship marketing solutions. The company’s operation was accelerated by HDI Seguros in April 2019, when both companies began working together to develop new technologies for brokers and policyholders.

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  • Volta Pra Casa

    HDI Seguros supports the “Volta Pra Casa” project, which combines technology and networked content distribution to enhance the reach of family appeals to relatives. The nonprofit Mães da Sé entity, which has been dedicated to this cause since 1996, supports the initiative, which aims to give back as many homes as possible with the sense of relief that a family member, once gone, is back.