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HDI Seguros

Olá, sou a Sofia, atendente virtual da HDI. Por favor me conte no que posso te ajudar.


In HDI, your car repair may be released in a few minutes

Now, HDI Seguros policyholders are provided with an additional unique service. This is HDI Bate-Pronto with dedicated customer service centers developed to provide full support to policyholders in the event of claims.

How does it work

By offering tailor-made customer service HDI Bate-pronto ensures immediate inspection for your car, providing all necessary documentation and information. Therefore, policyholders may go directly to an HDI Bate-pronto shop and repair their car easily and quickly.

  • We arrange the necessary documents and information
  • During the service, a surveyor performs the inspection of your vehicle
  • With the documents in hand, you can immediately take them to a workshop!
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