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HDI Seguros

Olá, sou a Sofia, atendente virtual da HDI. Por favor me conte no que posso te ajudar.

Digital Channels

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HDI offers several online relationship channels for policyholders, employees and partners. Check out the list of HDI portals below.


Insured’s Portal

At the Insured's Portal, you can consult your policy, duplicate bank slip, make and follow up claims, in addition to accessing other items related to your insurance.

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Insured’s App

With the HDI app, you have access to your card, consult your policy, duplicate bank slip, make and follow up claim notices, as well as different information such as the Insured's handbook, Crash-Ready and nearest workshops and useful phones in case of claims.

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24h Assistance

Find out the service request channels 24 hours a day, and learn how to get the help you need for your vehicle, your home and your company.

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HDI Digital (Broker’s Portal)

Space dedicated to HDI’s Partner Brokers, and take advantage of all the facilities when it comes to quoting, tracking your results and much more.

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App for brokers

The app for brokers allows access to quotes, proposals and information about the insurance contracted by your client.

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Third Parties

Third Parties’ Portal

Are you a third party and need to report an automotive accident? Click to have all the information on how to proceed and follow the process.

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Service Provider

Portal of Services

Exclusive area for HDI’s Service Providers.

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Developer’s Portal

Access and streamline HDI quotes in multi-calculation systems.

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