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HDI Seguros

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Double the security combined with the best cost benefit in the market!

Learn about the benefits of protecting your car and your home with one of the best insurance in our country!

Have the convenience of solving everything in a single contract, combined with an unmissable price. With HDI Duo, your car has exclusive coverage and guarantees special advantages to your home. Talk to your broker and purchase this double protection!

Basic Coverage

Comprehensive vehicle hull coverage

Coverage against third parties (in case of car accident)

Exclusive RCF-V + Personal passenger accidents

Car passenger accidents

Fire, lightning strike and explosion of any nature (home)

Additional coverage

  • Perimeter extension to the countries of the three Americas
  • Replacement of new vehicle
  • Personal injury
  • Territory extension to Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina
  • Windstorm, hurricane, cyclone, tornado, hail and smoke (home)
  • Third-party lease payment or loss (home)
  • Accessories (in case of car accident)
  • Additional expenses (in case of car accident)
  • Extension of bodily injury to directors, partners, employees and agents
  • Medical-hospital expenses (in case of car accident)
  • Family civil liability (home)
  • 24-hour home assistance


  • Family member accommodation
  • Spare car
  • Armored glasses
  • Rear view mirror, headlights and lights for armored cars
  • Sunroof and/or panoramic roof
  • Repair below the deductible
  • Hydraulic workforce
  • Locksmith
  • Recommendation of professionals for home appliance repair
  • Unblocking sewer pipe and grease box
  • Air conditioner cleaning
  • Information service
  • Help desk for computers
  • Help desk for phones
  • Help desk for GPS, cameras, video Consoles and media players
  • Furniture moving and storage
  • Babysitting
  • Accommodation
  • Early return
  • Home appliances rental
  • Home inspection | Change of lamps, sockets and switches
  • Home inspection | Locksmith
  • Home inspection | Furniture change
  • Home inspection | Antenna installation
  • Home inspection | Cleaning drains and siphons
  • Home inspection | Roof inspection
  • Home convenience | Gutter cleaning
  • Home appliance repair | White line
  • Medical assistance (Mercosur countries and Chile)
  • Glasses
  • Rear view mirrors, headlights and Lights
  • Auxiliary headlights
  • Replacement with logo
  • Home cleaning
  • Electric workforce
  • Temporary roof coverage
  • Budget for general maintenance
  • Glazier
  • Message transmission
  • Family funeral assistance
  • Help desk for tablets
  • Help desk for smart phones
  • Monitoring
  • Antenna fixation
  • Temporary home services
  • Keeping pet animals
  • Car recovery
  • Home inspection | Review of the electrical installation
  • Home inspection | Check for possible leaks
  • Home inspection | Lubrication of locks and hinges
  • Home inspection | General services
  • Home inspection | Glass change
  • Home inspection | Grouting
  • Home convenience | Bucket
  • Home convenience | Water tank cleaning

For other options, talk to your broker. The HDI Duo always has the perfect solution for you.

General Conditions
General Conditions

Why HDI?

HDI Duo offers more advantages than any individual contract. This brings together a competitive price with the coverages that make sense to the daily life of your car, and the benefits and conveniences of interest to the routine of your home.