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HDI Seguros

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HDI Functional Car

Insurance focused on protecting the cars of your company's employees.

With the HDI Functional Car you offer more safety and convenience for the cars of its employees.

Provide even more security for the team makes a difference! Thinking about that, HDI has created the Functional Care, an insurance protection with special conditions for your company’s employees. An insurance managed in the owner's name, with customizations according to the routine of your team. Talk to your broker and find out the benefits!

Basic Coverage

Comprehensive vehicle hull coverage

RCF-V (Optional Civil Liability for Vehicles) - Coverage against third parties

Car passenger accidents

Exclusive RCF-V + Personal passenger accidents

Additional coverage

  • Perimeter extension to the countries of the three Americas
  • Replacement of new vehicle
  • Personal injury
  • Medical-hospital expenses
  • Accessories
  • Additional expenses
  • Territory extension to Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina


  • Auto aid
  • Tire change
  • Fuel starvation
  • Locomotion for car recovery
  • Professional driver
  • Medical removal after accident
  • Sending and returning a family member
  • Medical assistance abroad (Mercosur countries and Chile)
  • Flooding cleaning
  • Armored glasses
  • Rear view mirror, headlights and lights for armored cars
  • Sunroof and/or panoramic roof
  • Repair below the deductible
  • Hydraulic workforce
  • Temporary roof coverage
  • Tow
  • Locksmith
  • Alternative means of transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Early return
  • Body transfer in case of death
  • Family member accommodation
  • Spare car
  • Glasses
  • Rear view mirrors, headlights and lights
  • Auxiliary headlights
  • Replacement with logo
  • Home cleaning
  • Electric workforce
  • Recommendation of professionals for home appliance repair

For other options, talk to your broker. The HDI Functional Car always has the perfect solution for you.

General Conditions
General Conditions

Why HDI?

Because ensuring the best coverage to your employees is a great benefit option for their business model! With the HDI Functional Car, it is possible to provide protection to cars of the employees of your company, with easy purchase and customization for each profile.