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HDI Life for Small and Medium-Sized Companies

Ensure more benefits and security for your time!

Learn about the best way to protect yourself, employees and their family members with new HDI insurance  aimed at Small and Medium Companies.

Count on safety and well-being for the whole team from the Insurance HDI Life for Small and Medium-Sized Companies. Sold in partnership with Icatu Seguros, with it it is possible to obtain compensation for death, accidental death, disability and various other coverages and assistance for you, your team and family members. Talk to your broker and learn more about HDI Life for Small and Medium-Sized Companies! 

Basic Coverage


Death by accident

Additional coverage

  • Permanent total or partial disability for accident
  • Automatic inclusion of spouse - Death, accidental death and disability partially by accident
  • Congenital disease of children
  • Total permanent functional disability due to illness
  • Automatic inclusion of children - Accidental death and death
  • Severance pay by death


  • Funeral assistance - Single or family (optional)
  • Basic food basket assistance (optional)
  • Birth kit assistance (optional)
  • Business assistance (optional)

For other options, talk to your broker. The HDI Life for Small and Medium-Sized Companies always has the perfect solution for you.

General Conditions
General Conditions

Why HDI?

Because with HDI Life for Small and Medium-Sized Companies, you have less bureaucracy in purchasing and still offer more advantages to your team of employees by increasing productivity and motivation, in addition to ensuring another factor of talent retention for your company.